Steve Hart Voice Overs

Steve Hart is a versatile voice talent with a range that includes well spoken British English, to neutral (RP) average guy, Essex, and London Cockney.

Clients use words such as warm, sophisticated, energetic, authoritative, convincing, funny, and whimsical to describe his voice.

Clients of Steve Hart include:

  • NZME Radio
  • Affixxius
  • Anna Ginsburg
  • Peppermint Media
  • The Film Creative
  • Duygu Basara
  • PixelHunters
  • Umbrella TV

Originally from London (UK), Steve works from his home studio in Auckland, New Zealand.

What I promise

  • Fast turn-around
  • Free retakes if I don’t voice a script exactly as expected
  • Recordings are carefully checked against the script before delivery
  • Your sound engineer will receive a clean file that’s ready to drop into the project
  • Quality assured

Home studio

  • Dedicated recording space
  • Microphones: Sennheiser MKH416 and ME66
  • Mac-based digital audio workstation
  • JBL studio monitors

Contact Steve for a free demo of your script. Fees are industry standard with a flexible approach.